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Battery vs. Propane

When buying a riding floor scraper, there’s one question every prep guy must face… Should I purchase a battery machine or propane?

From our experience, we've found a few factors you may want to consider:


1.    What environment do you work in?  If you’re work is in hospitals, nursing homes, and the like, chances are they’ll often reject propane, regardless of how clean it burns.  On the other hand, if you’re focus is big box retail or after hour’s office spaces, propane is often an acceptable option.

2.    How do you run your shifts?  If you need to run “round the clock”, propane may be a better option (if allowed).  Even the longest life battery machines will top out at 10-12 hours on soft goods.

3.    What is your budget?  If you have a pre-defined budget, you should know that propane machines tend to be 15-20% less expensive than battery machines to purchase.

Our experience has shown that the long-life battery machines are the way the industry is going. Although a bit higher investment, many contractors like the extra weight and power they are able to generate, and the extra flexibility they give.

The best advice…do your research, speak to one of our consultants, and you’ll be sure to make the best decision based on your unique circumstances.


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