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Big Money in Floor Removal

Vinyl Floor Removal

Transform removal from an expense to a profit center. With one of our fast and powerful riding or walk-behind floor strippers, you can efficiently handle all your removal needs yourself.

If you’re still paying expensive subcontractors to handle your removal, ask yourself WHY? Why are you paying other people big money to do simple work? Why are you letting them take that fast and easy profit from all your jobs? Why not do it yourself???

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Battery vs. Propane

When buying a riding floor scraper, there’s one question every prep guy must face… Should I purchase a battery machine or propane?

From our experience, we've found a few factors you may want to consider:

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Close to the Edge

In a phone conversation with a client, the subject of edge grinding came up. Some of the more popular lines of floor grinders on the market allow the ability to remove flooring within one inch of the wall.  If you’re using one of those grinders, it’s recommended to purchase a separate edge grinder to complete the entire perimeter of the room and even out the grind.

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The Economy and Small Business

What’s going on in the worldwide economy has no doubt impacted all businesses. It’s widely believed that FDR was more than partially right when he said “We have nothing to fear but fear itself!”


The basic qualities it takes to run a successful business are the same whether the economy is good or bad.  What we find is that tougher times simply separate the men from the boys.

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Used Floor Equipment

On occasion, we get calls from contractors looking for used grinders and floor scrapers. If you’re looking, the best thing to do is give us a call. From time to time we have clients who only need a Bronco or Renegade for one job and we purchase it. Sometimes a Factory demo units or a piece of refurbished equipment are accessible to us as well.

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The Right Tooling for the Job

It’s not just about the machine you use - the tooling is also important.  The world’s greatest surgeon wouldn’t be able to do much with a chainsaw, and the World Lumberjack Champion would be “up a tree” if all he had was a scalpel to operate with. On the same token, it’s not uncommon for us to get calls from people who have run into problems on the job because they didn’t have the right tooling for the job at hand.

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