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Big Money in Floor Removal

Vinyl Floor Removal

Transform removal from an expense to a profit center. With one of our fast and powerful riding or walk-behind floor strippers, you can efficiently handle all your removal needs yourself.

If you’re still paying expensive subcontractors to handle your removal, ask yourself WHY? Why are you paying other people big money to do simple work? Why are you letting them take that fast and easy profit from all your jobs? Why not do it yourself???

• The ONLY riding scraper in the industry truly small enough for residential applications, yet powerful enough to remove even the hardest floor coverings, like ceramic tile and thinset

• The ONLY walk-behind line in the industry that can take up all applications, including ceramic tile

• 110v power means you can plug these machines in anywhere (they run on 10-13 amps)

• No training required, any of your guys can run the equipment

• Financing available 

Our walk-behind removal machines can free you from having to pay and rely on subcontractors to handle your removal, even on small jobs. Depending on how much work you do, your investment can pay for itself in a couple of months or less. After that, the rest is easy profit. As simple as picking money up off the floor. What that means is:

• More money in your pocket

• No unreliable subs to argue with or mess up your schedule

• Bid more aggressively on installation projects, knowing your removal “costs” are close to ZERO.


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