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The Tools You Use

“The Law of the Prepared” in essence states: the more prepared you are, the more opportunities come your way.


It’s interesting to think on this. We’ve all heard of the guy who did an average business when he was renting his floor removal machine. Then, one day he decides to take his foot off the base, purchase a new scraper, a ‘Voila’…he’s finds more opportunities to bid removal and actually winning more of the bids. Isn’t that interesting?

We too have heard from our clients, as quickly as they made the decision to buy the equipment, the demand for them to do more of that kind of work increased.

I’m not sure if it’s a different mindset when you own the machine, or the fact that you own your own equipment communicates a level of competence and experience to your potential customers.  But, there’s something more at play here: When you own your own equipment, you now know how quickly you can take up the floor, allowing you to bid more accurately. The ability to accurately assess the job allows you to bid more aggressively.

Floor removal can be hard, and making business decisions can be even harder. If you’ve been on the fence about buying your own removal equipment or a grinder, don’t forget to account for “The Law of the Prepared”.


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