Riding Floor Scrapers : 7700 Renegade® Riding Floor Scraper

7700 Renegade® Riding Floor Scraper

SKU# 7700


The All Day Battery Ride-On Renegade® 7700 removal and floor preparation machine has been designed from the ground up for the heaviest & most difficult commercial removal applications. Rated at up to 6 hours of run time for ceramic tile or stone and up to 10 hours on soft goods, the Renegade® 7700 combines longer run times with a heavier unit resulting in the best removal rates available in a battery powered rider.

This 2,500 lb riding scraper is frequently used in malls, convention centers, airports, and other high traffic commercial buildings, to remove the hardest materials in use today. The zero emission, battery powered system is perfect for high traffic area's. These materials include ceramic tile, natural stone, marble, thin-set, terrazzo, travertine, wood, and many more.

It's 29" width makes it easy to run through most doorways, and it's battery provides enough power to run through a standard 8 hour day without the need to recharge or change batteries.


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