Walk Behind Floor Scrapers : 6280-HD Heavy Duty Hydraulic Scraper

6280-HD Heavy Duty Hydraulic Scraper

SKU# 6280HD Efficiently removes both soft and hard goods.

6280HD, Self-Propelled Scraper, 115 V

6280HD-W, Self-Propelled Scraper, 230 V

The heavier and more powerful big brother of the 6280, this heavy duty, hydraulically driven forward and reverse self-propelled walk behind scraper is designed to efficiently remove both soft and hard goods. Engineered with more torque, the 6280-HD plows through most floor covering and substrate material. The features of this machine reduce operator fatigue while optimizing time and labor savings to complete jobs swiftly and economically. It is ideal for use in confined spaces such as bathrooms, freezers and electrical utility rooms.

Length: 49.5" Width: 17.75" Height: 46.75" Weight: 490 lbs Empty Weight: 369 lbs

Included with the 6280HD


• 6254: 50-foot, 12-gauge extension cord

• 6258: 3” x 12” self-scoring blade

• 6276-BU: 3” x 10” heavy-duty, self-scoring blade

• 6280HD-250: Transport-wheel assembly

• 7050-200: 3” x 6” premium blade

• 7050-202: 3” x 10” premium blade

• 7050-203: 3” x 12” premium blade

• 7050-204: 3” x 14” premium blade

• 6280-401B: 7/32 t-handle wrench

• 402276: 9-degree angle attachment

• 7280-2C: 30-degree angle attachment

• 7280-6: 6-inch cutting head

• 7280-12: 12-inch cutting head

• 7281-2: 2-inch carbide shank

• 7280-4: Retainer cap assembly

• 1009: Safety glasses

• Instruction manual

• One-year manufacturer’s warranty on parts and labor


A. Ergonomically designed, adjustable-position hand
grips; hydraulic forward drive; self-propelled reverse
drive; variable speed 10 to 30 feet per minute;
optional manual drive with removal of drive pins;
system for throttle/speed control and smooth

B. Six handle positions for work under racks and in
other confined areas; collapses to save space during
transport and storage

C. Self-contained, limited-maintenance hydraulic fluid

D. Tie-down bail

E. Secure-mount side slide weights adjust scraper-head
pressure; side slide weights add extra head-pressure
when forward and improved traction when moved
over the back wheels

F. New rounded front-weight design better deflects
loose material during use

G. Adjustable, self-cleaning, industrial-grade wheels
disengage by clip-pin removal for easy non-powered

H. Motor equipped with thermal-overload protection
circuit breaker to eliminate unnecessary strain and
electrical overload

I. Oscillating action rotates the cutting blade to cut
through a range of materials over various substrates;
extends life cycle of machine while reducing
maintenance costs

J. New design incorporates nine isolators for the
toughest jobs


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