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Carpet Removal

Carpet removal can be a difficult process. Fortunately, there are tools available to make this task easier. 

Walk Behind Floor Scrapers

A walk behind floor stripper can make carpet removal substantially EASIER. You can choose from self propelled or manual and solid blade or self dicing. A self propelled can help finish your job a great deal quicker. This machine will keep your helper busy by pulling up carpet and vinyl faster then it can be hauled out in many cases. One thing to keep in mind is that a self propelled only has the ability to take up soft goods, ie carpet, VCT/VAT, linoleum, sports flooring etc. For areas that are a mix of carpet and ceramic tile, taking up the ceramic must instead be done using either a Spud Bar or a riding machine.

Riding Floor Scraper Machines

Because of it's superior size and speed, the Renegade® 2900 is an ideal solution for both residential and commercial jobs. It's the smallest riding floor scraper in it's class. The 2900's small footprint allows it to fit through doorways, down hallways, and into closets that no other riding stripper can go. It's one of the fastest riding stripper available. The Renegade® 2900 can take up carpet & vinyl tile at up to 2000 square feet an hour. If you are a Demolition or Flooring Contractor, the Renegade® 2900 will save you time and money.

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