Vinyl Tile Removal - Floor Covering Removal Equipment

Vinyl Tile Removal

Whether you’re a Contractor looking for equipment for bulk vinyl removal or small residential jobs we have several lines of equipment available to make your job go smoothly. If you have any questions about your specific removal job feel free to call and speak with a Flooring Removal Specialist. 800-580-4839

Remove Vinyl with the right Equipment!

Manual and Air Powered Spud Bars

Manual Spud bars work well to remove VAT and VCT. Manual and air powered spud bars are ideal for residential use or small commercial jobs.

Walk Behind Floor Scrapers

Starting as low $1,175.00, these units are perfect for commercial use and will save you time and money for large jobs. In addition to taking up vinyl tile, you can use a walk behind for carpet and sports flooring as well.

Riding Floor Scraper Machines

With commercial grade riders starting at 21,500, we have a wide array of battery and propane machines to quickly tackle jobs of all sizes.

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