RENEGADE 2900 Battery Powered Scraper | Riding Floor Scrapers - Floor Covering Removal Equipment

2900 RENEGADE® Battery Powered Floor Scraper

Introducing the Renegade® 2900 Battery Ride-On removal and floor preparation machine...

The first machine designed specifically for people who need more power but don’t require extended run times. This rider is rated for up to 3 hours of run-time on ceramic tile and up to 5 hours on soft goods, making it perfect for residential jobs or commercial jobs where removal happens in stages.

Though this machine works well with projects such as big box stores, grocery stores, and retail stores, you will really see it shine in residential and smaller commercial applications. Its compact size is designed for tight spaces, easily fitting through most doorways and will even work on most elevators without any disassembling required.

The run time is based on the machines zero emission battery and its ability to pull up most materials, including carpet, hardwood, ceramic tile, VCT, glues, and mastic.

Our unique, patented adjustable side plates and swiveling jaw allows the operator to maintain maximum contact with even the most inconsistent surfaces. The Renegade® 2900 Floor Scraper can be recharged using any standard 115V outlet, with a full charge in just 8 hours.

Length: 55" Width: 24.5" Weight: 1,730 lbs

The Renegade® removing Carpet:

The Renegade® removing Ceramic Tile: