Concrete Grinders and Polishers : Renegade® Planetary Floor Preparation System

Renegade® Planetary Floor Preparation System

SKU# 8274-4 The only grinder on the market offering 3 HP in a 115-volt grinder that operates at a 230-volt level.

With enough power to handle large and small jobs, the 8274 is the only grinder on the market offering 3 HP in a 115-volt grinder that operates at a 230-volt level. Easy to operate control box offers variable speed to help control the amperage draw of the grinder–no more tripping circuit breakers.

Length: 35.75" Width: 20.25" Height: 37.5" (pkg'd) Weight: 374 lbs Empty Weight: 271 lbs

8274-4 Features

  • The 8274-4 has a 230 volt 3 HP motor that promotes a unique, National engineered control box allowing the grinder to operate using 115 volt power.
  • This active planetary grinder uses National’s patented self-tensioning, single belt technology to efficiently prepare concrete surfaces for coating applications and polishes to a 3000 grit shine.
  • At almost 400 pounds, the 8274-4 provides down pressure, power and precision for jobs of all sizes.
  • The self-diagnosing control box has a variable speed feature that minimizes blown circuit breakers.
  • The forward and reverse function increases tooling productivity through cleaner consumables and more even wear.
  • The easy flip style side weight system applies additional down pressure when required.
  • The grinder head rotates 90 degrees granting easy access to the quick change magnetic tooling. This provides safe and convenient change-out for multiple applications.
  • The floating 9292 isolator assemblies enable the magnetic tooling to follow the contour of the concrete surface. This provides a uniform scratch pattern for coating applications or polishing concrete with surface undulations.
  • The handle adjusts to a comfortable angle, height and grip.
  • The modular design grants quick and safe transportation.
  • This grinder promotes ease and maneuverability in small spaces and detailed edging within 1/8” to the wall.
  • This machine operates a complete dry grind and polish system; eliminating messy and hazardous slurry.



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